KPBS Announces Explore San Diego Winners

KPBS Explore Winners Announced

Two independently produced projects featuring
San Diego’s unique people and places to air in spring 2014

SAN DIEGO – The winners of the 2014 KPBS Explore project will showcase local animals and images when the TV programs debut in 2014. The two new programs that have been green lighted for production are SnapShot and Animal R&R.

Both films are in the documentary style and are independently produced exclusively for KPBS by local experts and accomplished filmmakers. The films highlight the people, places, and stories unique to the San Diego region, allowing viewers to experience new and sometimes surprising stories along the way. KPBS received 32 submissions for the 2013-2014 Explore San Diego Project.

"This is the second year that we’ve conducted the KPBS Explore Project,” said KPBS Director of Programming John Decker. “This year, we saw an improvement in the overall quality of the submissions. It’s clear that there is a desire for thoughtful local television programs and interesting storytelling. Here at KPBS, we’re proud to be able to share these programs with our audience."

Demonstrating that a picture is worth a thousand words, is SnapShot. The six part series, by the production team of Janet Nielsen, Tim Mantoani and Chris Park, takes viewers on assignment with professional photographer Tim Mantoani. Each 30 minute episode is an opportunity to meet unique and eclectic San Diego personalities who offer insight into their experiences. Viewers will learn about ordinary San Diegans doing

remarkable things, including a professional Mexican wrestler, an artist, a musician, and a surfboard shaper.

“Tim’s choices for his art will transport the viewer into the mind of a professional photographer,” said filmmaker Janet Nielsen. “We’ll get to see things in a new way, while exploring life through his lens.”

Beginning in May 2014, SnapShot will air over six weeks as part of KPBS’ Thursday night local lineup beginning at 8 p.m. with Ken Kramer’s About San Diego.